Alchemy Bread

Bonnie Ohara

Bonnie is a best selling author and owner of Alchemy Bread Co, a beautiful cottage bakery in Modesto, Ca. I bought Bonnie's first book, Bread Baking for Beginners, in 2019 and baked my way through it, cover to cover, over the course of that year. Bonnie was always ready to answer all my questions over instagram. As I followed along with Bonnie's journey via social media, I was drawn to the way she does things. Bonnie doesn't just bake bread, she nourishes her community. Bonnie is the embodiment of the business owners I want to work with - people whose "why" extends beyond making a living; people who create good in their part of the world through their own unique gifting.

Bonnie came to me to develop her brand ahead of the launch of her second book, Let's Bake Bread. She had an illustration she had created years ago when Alchemy Bread was in its infancy that she wanted to incorporate.

Bonnie gravitates toward old-world, European style illustration that doesn't read too feminine. Alchemy Bread's aesthetic is Earthy-french, androgynous, and unfussy.

In addition to branding, I created merch including a custom-illustrated bandana, which is a staple in any baker's wardrobe.

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